SprinklerTrim Trimmer Blades

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The SprinklerTrim Irrigation Head Trimmer is a revolutionary, must have product for maintaining the growth around your sprinkler heads. (SprinklerTrim Tool sold separately)

There are 7, easy to switch blades to choose from:

110mm: Rain Bird 500 (552), 700 (702B, 752B)

121mm: Perrot Hydra XS, Hydra S, Hunter G70B,G75B, G35B

136mm: Hunter G80B, G85B

160mm: Rain Bird VIH 700 (702E/IC, 752E/IC)

170mm: Toro Fairway Flex 800 & Flex 35

180mm: Rain Bird 900 (900E/IC/S, 950E/IC/S) & Perrot Hydra M, Triton S

191mm: Hunter GT 800 (GT-885, G900), Toro Green Infinity 35/55