SprinklerTrim Irrigation Head Trimmer

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The SprinklerTrim Irrigation Head Trimmer is a revolutionary, must have product for maintaining the growth around your sprinkler heads.

The highly effective cutting blades make it quick and easy to operate, leaving a consistent finish on every head.  A built in spacer controls the cutting depth to prevent solenoid damage.

It is rotary powered by electric drill (not included), eliminating the need to kneel. Simply position over the head and press the button. Significantly saving time compared to manual trimming

There are 7, easy to switch blades to choose from (sold separately here)

110mm: Rain Bird 500 (552), 700 (702B, 752B) Hunter I20, I25

121mm: Perrot Hydra XS, Hydra S, Hunter G70B,G75B, G35B

136mm: Hunter G80B, G85B

160mm: Rain Bird VIH 700 (702E/IC, 752E/IC)

170mm: Toro Fairway Flex 800 & Flex 35

180mm: Rain Bird 900 (900E/IC/S, 950E/IC/S) & Perrot Hydra M, Triton S

191mm: Hunter GT 800 (GT-885, G900), Toro Green Infinity 35/55